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10 Causes Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes



At some point in her life, every woman will worry about dark circles under her eyes. It’s the one thing that can make a beautiful complexion look flawed almost overnight. You may try to hide them with concealers but there’s nothing like understanding the actual reason for your dark circles so you can address the issue in the best way possible.

The clinical insight highlighted below may give you some idea of how dark circles under the eyes are formed. No two individuals are the same; your reason for having it may be different from your friends’.

Incidentally, dark circles occur not only in older persons but in young children as well. This gives us more reason to look into the possible reasons for this problem and how best to overcome it, especially when it comes to addressing it in children.

Fluid retention
When fluid retention takes place under your eyes, the blood tends to pool here and produces a darkened appearance. There are several reasons for this occurrence. Among them are hormone levels fluctuating during the menstrual cycle or aging process, a high salt diet, and even certain medication that you are taking which may be causing fluid retention. For some, the hot, humid weather can bring about fluid retention under the eyes. Certain women tend to have fluid retention under their eyes when they are pregnant. This is most likely caused by the hormones which are hard at work to adapt to the changes that the body is going through as it expands.

Some dermatologists believe that dark circles are in the genes as they are handed down from one generation to the other. These circles will appear as purple, blue or pink tints under the eyes. These are actually enlarged blood vessels which may get worse with age due to the loss of subcutaneous fat around the eyes. If your dark circles are in the genes, chances are they cannot be controlled. But you can prevent them from looking worse by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Most of us love a great day at the beach. But, while you lie down on the soft sand and stare up into the sky, you may actually be bringing on the dark circles under your eyes. Clinical research has proven that too much exposure to the sun is the cause of dark circles under the eyes. This is because high levels of UV rays cause melanin production and increase pigmentation. As a result the skin under the eyes start to look darker.

Lack of sleep
Working too hard into the night, staying out late with friends to party or simply being anxious about something or rather in life tend to keep us awake when we should be asleep. When you don’t get enough of sleep, your skin generally becomes dull and pale. The dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin will start to show, especially around your eyes. At times, there will be fluid build-up and your eyes will tend to look puffy. Puffy eyelids are known to cast shadows under the eyes which form dark circles.

Natural aging
A woman’s age is very often revealed by her eyes. It cannot be denied that as one becomes older and the fine lines and wrinkles begin to show, dark circles begin to form under the eyes. This is because the skin around the eyes becomes thinner as it loses the fat and collagen needed to maintain its elasticity. Hence, the area below the eyes darken as the dark blood vessels under the skin become more visible.

Eye strain
We are part of a screen generation. Almost everything we look at is on a screen. Our phones, laptops and television screens make us stare at them all the time. Whether we realise it or not, this causes great strain on our eyes. When our eyes are strained, the blood vessels around them are enlarged. This puts a great amount of stress on our eyes, especially if we stare at these screens for too many hours in a day. Ultimately, the skin in this area darkens and tends to form circles under our eyes.

Dark circles can be triggered by allergic reactions. These allergies are usually caused by the pollen which appears in spring , after a long winter. They may also be caused by certain food and drink that your body is not used to. When you have an allergy, your body releases histamines to counter the harmful bacteria. These histamines will most likely make your eyes itchy, red and puffy. As you rub the area around the eyes, the blood vessels under it will dilate and appear as dark circles.

Not drinking enough of water especially when you are stressed or exposed to the heat could result in dark circles forming under the eyes. Ideally, your body needs eight to ten glasses of water a day. This does not include other beverages like coffee, tea or alcohol. The lack of water in your body will make the skin beneath your eyes look dull. As a result your eyes will look sunken since they are located close to the underlying bone.

Poor blood circulation
Lack of exercise and not moving around enough, even if it is to go for a good walk often enough can bring about poor blood circulation. When this happens, dark circles may appear under the eyes. The natural way to counter this is to eat vegetables that are rich in vitamin K namely broccoli, brussels sprouts, leafy green vegetables and spinach.

Iron deficiency
Is your body receiving enough of iron? If it isn’t, this could be the reason dark circles are appearing under your eyes. The lack of iron causes a condition known as anaemia which happens when there is a low supply of oxygen in the blood. To overcome this, boost your Vitamin B12 intake. Red meat, raisins and apricots are also known to be good sources of iron.

From the above causes, it is clear that dark circles under the eyes can be brought about by an imbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle or it could just be in the genes.

Before you seek to find a remedy for the dark circles under your eyes, be sure to ascertain what the cause is. This will help you to determine the best method to use in order to overcome this problem.

Since our eyes are extremely precious to us, it is vital to understand what they go through during different times and stages of our lives. Sufficient sleep and protection for the eyes by way of sunglasses are a good way to look after our eyes. Avoiding alcohol and smoking are other ways to ensure that our eyes are taken care of and remain in good health. Drinking enough of water each day and keeping away from food and drink that you are allergic to is another way to keep your eyes looking good. Also, when the seasons change and your eyes are exposed to pollen and other pollutants, be sure to keep them clean to avoid itchiness and redness which ultimately will lead to dark circles under the eyes.




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