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Turmeric Face Mask



If you’ve ever used herbs and spices for skin care, then you may have heard that a turmeric face mask can be a helpful addition to a skin care routine. This is because turmeric is one of the most beneficial spices when it comes to the overall health and beauty of the skin, and has even earned the nickname “the golden spice of life” due to its array of beauty benefits. So much so, that this bright yellow powder has been incorporated into the beauty routine of women in India for hundreds of years, specifically in the form of a turmeric face mask. Its ability to brighten skin and enhance glowing skin has caused the use of turmeric face masks and other products with this ingredient to rise in popularity among people around the world in recent years as more men and women are utilizing this spice to achieve beautiful skin.

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How A Turmeric Face Mask Works

When applied to the face, a turmeric face mask works to decrease inflammation, and in some people may brighten the complexion by reducing the pigmentation inside of the skin naturally. Unlike many other beauty products and treatments, a turmeric face mask does not incorporate the use harsh, skin-damaging chemicals that simply mask imperfections. The turmeric spice is a natural, inexpensive and effective antioxidant that can usually be used for any skin type.

Skin Conditions That Can Benefit From A Turmeric Face Mask:

Get rid of acne: When applied to the skin, a turmeric face mask works as an exfoliator and deep cleanser. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties help to treat acnes and remove pimples for a clear complexion by clearing out clogged pores.

Dull complexion: A dull complexion can be caused by an array of different factors from sun-damage to aging. No matter what the cause may be, a turmeric face mask can help remove dead skin cells from the surface in order to brighten imperfections for a glowing complexion rather than dull, sallow skin.

Facial hair: Using a turmeric face mask is also believed to help decrease the appearance of delicate facial hair in women. This may be a consideration for women who have excessive appearance of facial hair, and would like to reduce the number of waxing or laser hair removal visits to their skin care specialist. However, for this benefit to occur, the turmeric mask would need to be used on a regular basis.

Sun burn: When the skin of the face has become burned due to the sun, a turmeric face mask can help soothe and relieve the burning sensation. The anti inflammatory properties of turmeric play a big role in this, and can help reduce recovery time from sun burn.

The Process of Using A Turmeric Face Mask

The turmeric face mask is relatively easy to apply. To create the paste for the mask, the spice is usually mixed with flour and water, and other ingredients like oils, milk, or honey can be added as well. Once the mixture is ready, the user needs to simply generously apply it around their face and neck while avoiding the eyes and the area around the mouth. After the facial skin has been completely covered, the turmeric face mask will need to stay on for approximately 15-20 minutes.

As the mask sits on the skin, it will soak into every pore on the surface to absorb oil, moisturize, brighten dark spots and improve complexion. When the time is up, the mask can be simply washed off with lukewarm water, while gently scrubbing your skin with a facial sponge or the tips of your fingers.

However, every skin care treatment has potential drawbacks, and one of the biggest side effects with this treatment is potential skin discoloration. To prevent this from happening the user should not leave the turmeric face mask on for excessive amounts of time.

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