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Kiko Cosmetics is the professional makeup and skincare brand straight out of Italy that is committed to creating innovative, high performing cosmetics without breaking the bank. The Kiko Cosmetic brands fuses superior quality with technicolor innovation that surpasses some of the most popular brands available. With its recent entry into the US market, Kiko Cosmetics is ready to take over the professional makeup and skincare markets.

The Story Behind Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko Cosmetics was founded in 1997 under the brand name Kiko Milano. This professional quality cosmetics brand sought to transform traditional cosmetic rules and was able to quickly expand into eight European countries with ease. Soon after launch, Kiko Cosmetics was available in 34 nations. Today, Kiko Cosmetics offers over 1,200 cosmetic products and accessories and recently opened in the US market, expanding its steadily growing reach.

Kiko Cosmetics was founded on the single belief that women should be able to have access to quality professional grade cosmetic products without having to break her budget. As a result, Kiko Cosmetics was born. Currently, Kiko Cosmetics houses a vast cosmetic color palette and a host of technology savvy formulations. In addition to providing quality products, Kiko Cosmetics aims to provide cosmetics products that dont lack in the areas of creativity and taste. Kiko Cosmetics ensures it remains on brand and on trend by continuously updating their formulations, working with expert chemists throughout Europe and the USA, and performing numerous clinical and dermatology tests on each of its product. With such high focus and attention to detail, Kiko Cosmetics is definitely the brand to watch.

Kiko Cosmetics Best Selling Products

With over a just about two decades of history behind them and product line that surpasses 1,000 pieces, its hard to choose just one product start with. Wed recommend starting with one of their color cosmetic products as that is what Kiko Cosmetics is known for and moving on to skincare. If you need inspiration on where to start, check out the Kiko Cosmetics best sellers.

Kiko Cosmetics Infinity + Sparkle Eyeshadow: The Infinity + Sparkle eyeshadow is the Kiko Cosmetics best selling makeup product. These high concentrated and pigmented Kiko Cosmetics eyeshadows are formulated with a unique paraben free blend of pears and a proprietary CLICS technology that allows for intense but even eyeshadow application. The Kiko Cosmetics eyeshadows are designed to last an impressive 12 hours. There are currently 93 Kiko Cosmetics Infinity + Sparkle eyeshadows and available in matte, satin, metallic, and pearl finishes.

Kiko Cosmetics Mat Fluid: The Kiko Cosmetics Mat Fluid is an interesting product that bends the cosmetic rules for sure. This intriguing Kiko Cosmetics product is essentially what you’d call a mattifying moisturizer. The secret being this interesting Kiko Cosmetics fluid is the use of a unique mat-release and a number of innovative ingredients. This peculiar Kiko Cosmetics fluid melts into skin and works to even the complexion, combat shine, and reduce the appearance of blemishes. The Kiko Cosmetics Mat Fluid leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed making it a perfect option to prep skin before makeup application. The mattifying properties within the Kiko Cosmetics fluid makes this product best suited for those with combination to oily skin.

Kiko Cosmetics Review

Being newly introduced to the US market, Kiko Cosmetics reviews by consumers are limited to European countries. With its quick expansion into multiple European countries and quickly expanding its business through e-commerce, there is no doubt consumers are pleased with the Kiko Cosmetics quality. When referring to the Kiko Cosmetics reviews available in the US market, many of the products are regarded as solid cosmetics products. Of the Kiko Cosmetics available some of the highest rated products are the Kiko Cosmetics mascaras and lipsticks. Other top rated Kiko Cosmetics products are the eye shadow like the previously mentioned Infinity + Sparkle Eyeshadow. The only Kiko Cosmetics review that errs on the negative end of the spectrum is aimed at the Kiko Cosmetics foundations.


  • Valerie 08.19.18 Reply

    Are Kiko Cosmetics tested on animals? I love your products but I care about the animals, too.

  • Pauline Blanchain 08.25.17 Reply

    I recently purchased the Intensive Nail Care Oil Pen which is a brilliant idea but worked once. I took it back to the Kings Mall shop where the assistant tuned it once and said it was ok. It is not ok and I should obviously been offered a new one . I would rather have given the £4.80
    to a street beggar. Not impressed with after sales help.

  • Sacha Aponte 11.21.16 Reply

    I purchased makeup from Kiko Milano and it’s fabulous. But beware of the skin care products. They may be affordable, but don’t deliver. I am 48 with no particular skin issues and I have to apply the facial cream and eye cream 3 times a day in order for my skin to receive the nutrition it needs. This way there are no savings at all. So make up 5 star: skin care 0 star. A minus. I contacted customer service and they flat out refused any assistance. They said: “We are sorry the product did not work for you. KIKO MILANO is committed to offering safe products of the highest quality. You have reached Customer Support for the online Web Store. However, we can let you know that our retail stores do not accept returns for opened or used products.”. Note that they offer no samples either. So buyer beware.

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