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Generally, women in France do not see aging as a defeat of beauty, but as another chapter in life. They believe in little to no makeup, for less is more in their eyes, and French skin care focuses significantly more on skin care products as opposed to cosmetics. The belief is that healthy skin needs no concealer; therefore investing in healthy skin early in life is how French skin care begins.

There are five major steps in a French skin care routines. These include cleansing your skin, toning it, using the best face moisturizers to nourish it, nightly regimens with an anti aging serum, and weekly facials.

Skin Cleansing in French Skin Care

It doesn’t matter where in the world a woman may find herself, cleansing of the facial skin should be at the top of every skin care routine. But it is culture and history that differentiate what products a person will use to cleanse their skin. For Europeans, and most notably the French, cleansing of the skin begins with specialized milk cleansers. French skin care rejects old fashion bar soap, and is even skeptical of liquid facial cleansers.

French women want their facial cleanser to be the most gentle in the market, to prevent skin damage and dry flaky skin on face that is often the result of cleansers often used in the West. French skin care cleansers do not foam as much as typical cleansers in the West, and require a little more effort to get the dirt and grime up to the surface, to be washed away. However, French skin care brands are generally gentle enough to use several times a day even on the most sensitive skin.

French Skin Care: the Importance of Skin Toning

French skin care places a high value on the proper use of skin toners. Once the skin is cleansed, it is patted dry, and a facial toner is applied after about five minutes. This ensures that the skin is clean and dry, which maximizes absorption of the toner. If there is any oil or dirt left on the skin, the toner will take care of it.

The reason why French skin care routine places significant emphasis on toners, is because these products can balance out the PH level present on your skin. You want to have proper PH levels before applying anything else, as it will allow creams to be easily absorbed, and therefore work more effectively.

Skin Moisturizing

Skin moisturizing is another step for many people throughout the world, yet in French skin care routines, the moisturizing might mean using specially made oils instead of facial creams. Aromatic and therapeutic oils are a favorite way for French women to moisturize their skin. This is because oils are lighter, and are more easily absorbed into the skin.

Creams and sunscreens are also used in French skin care, but even the best facial creams can be too heavy and cause clogged pores, while oils minimize this problem, helping to get rid of acne. Specialized oils can quickly address dry flaky skin on face, and using them daily keeps the skin moist and plump, thus minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Serum

The use of anti aging serum products is not unique to French women, but French skin care routine dictates a more regular utilization than other cultures. These serums are frequently rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins that your skin needs to rejuvenate after a day of exposure to harsh environmental elements.

Instead of a nightly routine involving nighttime creams, French skin care directs you to cleanse once more with an ultra gentle milk cleanser, tone your skin and wait a minimum of five minutes to ensure your PH balance is properly set. Only after that should the anti aging serum be applied, right before going to bed.

French Skin Care Facials

French skin care is way of life, and as such, weekly facials are a must for every woman. Facials include a facial cleanse, often done with a steam machine if you are slated to have blackhead removal and extraction of whiteheads in the same visit. The skin care specialist will also exfoliate your skin, and the way they approach this will depend on your skin type and your unique goals. Facials might take a long time, but it is one of the defining features of French skin care routine, because it allows for better absorption of skin products.

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