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Achieving Eyelash Growth

Achieving better eyelash growth is the dream of many women. But whereas just a few decades ago the length of your eyelashes was limited by genetics, recent skin care products may change how we view eyelash treatment altogether. With the newest treatments, eyelash growth has become more of a reality for many women, and men for that matter. However, any man or woman considering using such products should be aware of all side effects before incorporating them into a skin care routine. After all, eyelash growth products are applied closely to one of the most important organs – your eyes, and you should take extra care to prevent any permanent damage.

Understanding Eyelash Growth

Eyelash growth usually begins when an embryo is still in the womb, and these short hair strands serve as a protective barrier for the eyes. They grow from follicles, just like hair on the head or arms, and helps us feel when something is about to come too close to the eyes, like bugs or dust, so that we can quickly close our eyes. The number of eyelash follicles is determined by Moll’s gland and the Gland of Zeis, which produce the sebaceous material that can clog hair follicles and cause other problems.

Eyelash Conditioners for Stronger Eyelashes

Many people use conditioners to encourage eyelash growth. These are products that can be purchased over the counter. Some people will apply products like a thick, creamy moisturizer or petroleum jelly on their eyelashes at night to coat and protect them. By protecting the eyelashes and giving them the necessary nutrients, the lashes become stronger and can grow faster. Others buy specially designed eyelash conditioners or mix the conditioners themselves.

Essential ingredients for eyelash growth conditioners usually include nano-peptides, which encourage lash growth, as well as products like biotin, which is used in hair loss formulas. Gingko biloba is also a good ingredient to look for in eyelash growth conditioners because it helps encourage the skin around the eyes to stimulate collagen growth for a more youthful appearance.

Condition during the Day and at Night

Some eyelash growth conditioners are added to mascaras in order to provide moisture and protection during the day. Other conditioners are thicker and are designed to be worn at night for maximum effect. Conditioners for nighttime use often contain ingredients like aloe vera for natural moisture, and vitamin E, which works as an antioxidant. When looking for conditioners, avoid buying products with dyes and fragrances, because they cause the most irritations.

Two other ingredients that stimulate eyelash growth include sweet almond oil and castor oil. Sweet almond oil is full of monounsaturated fats that plump and moisturize the lashes. Castor oil moisturizes the small eyelash hair while helping the hair shaft keep nutrients, thus making it firmer.

Side Effects of Eyelash Growth Conditioners

Eyelash conditioners are not believed to have any serious side effects, unless you apply the product in an unsanitary way. Any skin care product can cause some irritation, especially if you have an allergy or sensitivity to the ingredients. Read through the ingredients and always test a new product on a discrete part of the body before you apply it to your eyelashes. Keep in mind that this applies strictly to conditioners and not prescription medications. Actual topical medicine does have more serious side effects.

Prescription Medication for Eyelash Growth

Many people who want to stimulate eyelash growth may turn to topical prescription medications that are applied on a regular basis. While the medication does work to increase the fullness of lashes, it takes a long time before effects are noticeable. Some people see a difference in their eyelashes within one month while other do not notice much until after four months. The active ingredient is a prostaglandin analog, which was originally used to slow the development of glaucoma, but was accidentally found to increase eyelash growth as well.

Side Effects of the Medication

Eyelash growth medication often has serious side effects. Although these problems are considered to be relatively rare, they can cause problems near one of the most important and sensitive parts of your body – your eyes. This makes it imperative that you are monitored by a dermatologist or skin care specialist while using prescription medication for eyelash growth.

For example, the more mild side effects include itching and redness near the application site. More serious issues include the possibility of the eyelid, and even the eye, becoming darker. This eyelash growth product should not be used by anyone who has eye problems, especially those that require surgery.


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